Doka, Grecia and Sarchi

coffee and art craft


Haven´t you always dreamed of visiting one of the largest coffee and sugar cane plantations (Doka) in Costa Rica?
Then you are completely right here at our “Doka, Grecia and Sarchí” Tour! We organize you a pleasant roundtrip to the gigantic cultivation area which is located on the way to our next destination Grecia.


This extraordinarily idyllic district has got a lot to offer. Impressive because of very rare and sophisticated architecture, you will find the beautiful metal church sticking out of the palms.
Moreover, the craftsman factory “Sarchí” where the famous, historically very important ox carts are produced leaves overwhelming memories behind. These are known all over the world for their marvelous decoration, bright colors as well as their enormous size and are even listed in the Guinness Book of Records!

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