Sustainability in Hotel Costa RicaSustainability (sostenibilidad) is a very important word in Costa Rica and is more and more developed and applied in the tourist industry. The ministry of tourism even created a sustainability program, where touristic institutions are certificated (CTS).
What exactly is sustainability? We try to evaluate the impact of our behavior on the environment and the society we live in.


Everybody can provide a positive development, a tourism that respects the natural conditions. Costa Rica is one of the countries that puts the most effort in this direction globally, so we would really like contribute to this great project.Sustainability in Posada Nena

1.    Please turn off all electronic devices like air-conditioning system, TV, lights and ventilator when you are not in your room.

2.    Please put the recyclable trash in the corresponding garbage cans in the area of the Restaurant.

3.    In April 2011 we installed a solar and warm water system on the roof of our Posada Nena which provides all bathrooms with water heated by solar energy. For this reason we ask you to be patient as it might take a short time until the water warmed up.

4.    Your meals are prepared out of fresh products of the region. Plastic packages are completely avoided.

5.    We are continuously working on new projects and would be happy about receiving new suggestions.



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