Faq- Frequently Asked Questions:

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What kind of money do we need?
The official currency in Costa Rica is the Colon which is currently valued (April 2012) at approximately 500 per dollar. Most places in Costa Rica receive both U.S. Dollars and local currency but you can get better deals when you pay in Colones. Euros can be exchanged in local banks. Cashmachines will. pay in Dollars or Colones.

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Driving in Costa Rica:

To travel around Costa Rica, it’s a great choice to travel on your own with a rented car. You can get wherever you want without pending of timetables or other people. 
But there are several things you should know when renting a car to spend a great vacation time.

We recommend very much to take a car rental with full- insurance. This will cost an extra (+ 14 $ more or less each day of rental) but you are full- protected. Although there are limitations as well- understandable. You are not allowed to drive drunk and if you drown the car in the sea or a river the insurance will not pay. So take care, because sometimes you have to cross a river.

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How to travel Costa Rica?

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There are different ways top traveling a country and it depends of the traveller, what he is looking for.

Adventure and action or only leisure; nature and wildlife or beautiful beaches- or a combination of all this.

Our Costa Rica travel information include maps, history, culture, transport and climate in Costa Rica. You will find information how to travel in Costa Rica and how to prepare the trip.

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Public and touristic transportation:

Transportation is very well organized in Costa Rica. Public buses going nearly everywhere at very cheap fares.

The unique Interbus and Gray Line system, which was created for economic and sustainable tourism works excellent.

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Orientation in Costa Rica,

The orientation in Costa Rica is quite easy. The most important road is the Panamericana. This extraordinarily long street begins in Tierra del Fuego and ends up in Alaska with a small interruption in Panama and Colombia. In this way, Costa Rica’s capital San José is connected with Panama in the south and with Nicaragua in the north.

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Flying in Costa Rica,

A very good Alternative to a long drive is a short flight. Flights in Costa Rica are usually on time, without long time check- ins or bothering controls.

We recommend using Nature Air. They became the first airline worldwide to compensate for 100% of its carbon emissions from flight operations. This is done through a local, certified compensation program.

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Posada Nena


Your home away from home: Posada Nena in Santa Ana, Costa Rica, read more

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Our travel guide to Costa Rica: a lot of travel related information to Costa Rica, Santa Ana, San José, Wildlife and how to travel.  more....

Tours in Costa Rica

Tours in Costa Rica

starting in our Posada in Santa Ana we offer a lot of interesting day- Tours and round trips to all Costa Rica, read more