Telephone and cell phone in Costa Rica:

Phone calls in Costa Rica are quite cheap. This is one of the reasons why we allow national calls to cell or home telephones for free. Just take the phone in your room, dial a 9 followed by the number of the person you would like to call.

If you want to call to US or Canada, you can do this for free from the Lobby- Computer. International calls to the rest of the world are really cheap from the Reception desk. please ask.


Each phone- number in Costa Rica consists of 8 digits. The ones that begin with a 2 or 3 are landlines, numbers that begin with an 8 are characteristic for cell phone nets of ICE, the phone company of the state. Apart from 01/2012, numbers beginning with different digits will be allocated by the competition that came up with the free trade agreement TLC. Numbers beginning with a 6 is Movistar, with 7 is Claro.

For the travelers who want to take their European cell phone to Costa Rica, it is important to know that the SIM card will work but they will immediately work in roaming mode which might cause high costs. A cheaper solution would be to purchase a Costa Rican SIM card. At the airport there is an Ice- Kölbi booth or already having entered the country just look for one of the branches of ICE.

Important (telephone-) numbers in Costa Rica (00506):


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Taca: 24333555   
American Airlines: 24428800   
Delta Airlines: 24404805   
Copa: 24414742   
Iberia: 24415635   
Nature Air: 22203054 (domestic flights)

Telephone numbers of embassies and diplomatic missions:
Germany, 22909091   
Argentina, 22346520   
France,  22344167   
Italy,  22342326   
Switzerland, 22214829   
Chile, 22241547   
Columbia, 22836871   
Venezuela, 22340728   
Panama, 22801570   
Guatemala, 22201297   
Dominican Republic: 22804968   
Mexiko: 22570633   
Canada, 22424400   
USA, 25192000    Costa Rica beach
Nicaragua, 22212957   
Schweden, 22328549   
Portugal, 26221334   
Kuba, 22911604   
Belgium,  22256255   
Spain, 22221933   
China, 22914811   
Brasil, 22956875   
Bolivia, 25243491
Codes of foreign countries: 00
Argentina    54      
Australia    61
Bolivia    591
Brasil    55
Chile    56
Colombia    57
United Kingdom     44
Ecuador    593       
France    33       
Germany    49       
Greece    30       
Portugal    351       
Rumania    40       
Singapur    65       
South Africa   27       
Spein   34       
Sweden    46
Switzerland    41
Austria 43      
USA (EEUU)   1       
Uruguay    598       
Venezuela    58       
Yugoslavia    38       
Guatemala    502       
Guayana    592       
Haiti    509       
Honduras    504       
Hong Kong    852

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