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palme tropen costaricaFacts Costa Rica

Surface of Costa Rica: 51.200 km²

Population: 4,45 Mio.

Form of government: Presidential Republic

Costa Rica’s population consists of around 94% residents with European and Indigenous ancestors, 3% black people, 1% Indios, 1 % Chinese people and 1% of others. All together, the number of residents is estimated around 4, 4 million. With 85 inhabitants/ km², the density of population is very high compared to the 32 residents/ km² in the USA.

aeropuerto SJO

Juan Santamaria Airport

Most travellers go through here.

tortuguero village

Tortuguero National Park

A must in Costa Rica.


Agriculture in Costa Rica

a lot of bananA plantations in the caribbean.


Wildlife in Costa Rica

You can see them in many places. Be careful!!


The tucan is a very colourful bird

There are different species.

cloud forest

The cloud forest

A very interesting destiny, in several places in CR.

  • Languages: Official language is Spanish but there are other ones like Patois or indigenous languages
  • Religion: 77% Catholics, 14% protestants
  • Capital: San José; most important cities: Alajuela, Cartago, Puerto Limón, Puntarenas, Liberia, San Isidro
  • Shore line: Pacific 1020 km, Atlantic 211 km
  • Extension: north-south: 464 km, east-west 259 km
  • Highest mountain: Cerro Chirripo Grande with 3839 m above sea level
  • Holiday: 15.09. Independence Day (1821 from Spain) with patriotic celebrations
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