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Santa Ana

Everybody who wants to escape from the hustle and bustle of San José is in the right place here in Santa Ana.

Approximately 30.000 residents live in this calm and attractive town. In less than half an hour you can get to the center of San José as well as to the international airport Juan Santamaria. The climate is very pleasant and dryer as in the other parts of the country. This is why Santa Ana was elected to the place with the fifth- best climate on earth. Nevertheless, the town that is protected by the mountains “Cerros de Escazú” is not too touristic.

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San José

San José is the capital of Costa Rica with a population of around 355 000 residents. But at the same time, San José is one of the 7 provinces of the country with totally 2, 2 million Costa Ricans which is the half of all the inhabitants of the country.
The City is situated 1100 m above the sea level and the annual average temperature is around 20° C.

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Costa Rica safety is easy to come by here in this stable and functioning democracy with the most cosmopolitan capital in Central America, which is a relatively safe place to visit. Making a few common preparations and reading the following Costa Rica safety tips will increase your chances of having a safe and stress-free vacation.

Costa Rica safety tips are similar to precautions you would want to take in any foreign country. Traveling here, we recommend you always to carry a business card of our hotel for the case you get lost, photocopies of your Costa Rica airline ticket, your passport and your driver´s license.

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Facts about Costa Rica:

•    Surface: 51.200 km²
•    Population: 4, 43 Mio.
•    Form of government: Presidential Republic
•    Languages: Official language is Spanish but there are further ones like Patois or indigenous languages
•    Religion: 77% Catholics, 14% protestants
•    Holiday: 15.09. Independence Day (1821 from Spain) with patriotic celebrations
•    Capital: San José; most important cities: Alajuela, Cartago, Puerto Limón, Puntarenas, Liberia, San Isidro
•    Shore line: Pacific 1020 km, Atlantic 211 km
•    Extension: north-south: 464 km, east-west 259 km
•    Highest mountain: Cerro Chirripo Grande with 3839 m above sea level

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Telephone and cell phone in Costa Rica:

Phone calls in Costa Rica are quite cheap. This is one of the reasons why we allow national calls to cell or home telephones for free. Just take the phone in your room, dial a 9 followed by the number of the person you would like to call.

If you want to call to US or Canada, you can do this for free from the Lobby- Computer. International calls to the rest of the world are really cheap from the Reception desk. please ask.

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History of Costa Rica

In 1502 Christopher Columbus arrived for the first time the area that today is called Costa Rica. However, the colonization by the Spaniards only began in 1560. This phase ended rather quickly (there were probably not enough treasures to find) and in 1821 appeared the Declaration of Independence.

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Posada Nena


Your home away from home: Posada Nena in Santa Ana, Costa Rica, read more

travel in Costa Rica

sunset in Costa Rica

Our travel guide to Costa Rica: a lot of travel related information to Costa Rica, Santa Ana, San José, Wildlife and how to travel.  more....

Tours in Costa Rica

Tours in Costa Rica

starting in our Posada in Santa Ana we offer a lot of interesting day- Tours and round trips to all Costa Rica, read more